Touch is 25 | 2006-2007

Happy New Year!

Touch was conceived in 1981 and gave birth first in 1982 when the cassette magazine "Feature Mist" was released, and to acknowledge this 25th anniversary we are hosting a series of live and web-based events throughout the period. News will be posted well in advance, so watch this space!

Our first is a special offer in the TouchShop. Starting today, anyone who purchases more than 3 cds in the TouchShop will receive the lowest value item free of charge. Click on the link here and in the comment box when you place your order, include the code word "Feature Mist" to qualify for the discount. [Paypal users should deduct the net cost of the cheapest item from their total payment]. This offer applies for a limited period only.

TouchRadio 11 | 21.12.05

TouchRadio 11 is now posted. Stephen O'Malley interviews Dylan Carlson.

"Last August I was invited by the american metal magazine, Decibel, to interview Dylan Carlson for a regular feature they run called "Under The Influence". The idea of the feature is basically musicians interviewing their main inspirators from the prior time, or something. Although this could be a bit silly and demeaning, Dylan and I have become friendly over the past few years and we both thought it would be a fun opportunity to talk shop and have this published! I can't count the number of times we have been nerding out over tube talk, guitars etc... which is almost the result of this piece. The editor of said mag agreed to handle the transcription, so I added some initially Ambarchi-inspired bass waves to the recording in order to increase the pressure and atmosphere for the sorry intern who inherited the work. The feature ran with a ridiculous editorial introduction recently, but I think the recording itself turned into a gem of interest. The most memorable part of the conversation included catagorization of guitar models by religious persuasion, and speed metal as an athletic event. This marked the second time I interviewed Dylan formally, the first being in 1993 for a fanzine I had at the time (which remains unpublished, I have the tape somewhere)."

New TouchShop is up today

There has been a software update at the TouchShop. It should now be more secure and more efficient. You can help us out by suggesting any improvements, or if you spot any broken links or other errors, do send us an email. Thanks!

kk.null/Chris Watson/z'ev - Number One

Coming soon...

kk.null/Chris Watson/z'ev - number one
CD - 5 tracks - 48:15
Touch # Tone 24

In the production process, z'ev framed his and kk.null's electro-acoustic musics inside Chris Watson's field recordings from East Africa. A dynamic dialogue and inside-outside mirroring of natural and synthetic sound is the result: where the click and rhythm of an insect merges with kk.null's drumming; where the calls of the elephants combine with the electronic bass frequencies; where bird and frog song and z'ev's harmonic structures produces surprising counterpoints.

TouchRadio TouchPod

[Note - this service may not be available at the moment. iTunes are making certain alterations to their podcast service. we expect it to be up and running again in a few days. Meanwhile TouchRadio is still operative here]

10th October 2005

TouchRadio 9 KK.NULL - [Radio-Animus/Anima] for TouchRadio

3 blistering tracks for electronics & voice/metal/metal & voice, from legendary noise explorer. His collaboration with z'ev and Chris Watson, 'Number One' [Touch # Tone 24] will be out before the end of the year

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Tour dates

Touch @ Paradiso, Amsterdam 25th September 2004

10th Sonic Acts Festival, Amsterdam

Chris Watson
Philip Jeck

Jon Wozencroft visuals

Spire Live in Geneva 5th September 2004

Cathedral Saint Pierre, 5th September 2004.

Main Organ : Charles Matthews & Marcus Davidson
La Petite Chapelle: Fennesz & BJNilsen
The Crypt: Philip Jeck

Reviews of the performance can be read here


Touch @ Fylkingen, Stockholm 26th August 2004

BJNilsen aka Hazard
The Stockholm Effect [Fennesz/Z'EV/BJNilsen]

Visuals and installation : Jon Wozencroft


BJNILSEN - Live at Konzerthaus

Christian Fennesz has started curating a series of events at the Konzerthaus in Vienna as part of the 'generator' series of live performances held there each month. In early December he performed with Philip Jeck and BJNilsen [aka Hazard] as part of the Touch night, during which Jon Wozencroft also showed his films. All the concerts were recorded, and BJNilsen's becomes the 5th in the TO:CDR series.


Ash International news

Ash International is 13 in 2006

Ash International celebrates her 13th birthday at Fylkingen, Stockholm, on 26th February 2006.

There will be performances from BJNilsen, OCSID, Jana Winderen and the Ash International Sound System.

Watch this space for further news...

New freq_out cd in stock

freq_out 2
Various Artists
Ash International # Ash 6.8
Now available...

For more information on this release go here, and for more information on freq_out go here

Or news

farmersmanual - Explorers_We

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